The boys go deep on a card banned after the first Modern Pro Tour.
This past weekend we hosted a 1k Modern Showdown as part of our weekly Sunday Showdown series. Jump in and check out the action!
The First Strike crew gives their first impressions on the $10 million dollars announcement.
A couple weekends back Jonathan Rosum made the Top 8 of SCG Baltimore with a sweet new B/W Vehicles deck in Standard. Jump in to learn all about it!
Are you having as much fun with Dominaria as we are? Well, if you want the full lowdown on DOM Standard then Daniel Fournier has got you covered!
Jonathan Rosum is back to testing Modern for the StarCityGames Open this weekend. He thinks 5C Humans is great and has all you need to know about sequencing your plays properly with the deck!
Former Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Joseph Derro is back into competitive Magic and is wracking up some MTGO Draft trophies. Jump in a get all his secrets to Rivals of Ixalan Draft !
Bloodbraid Elf has just been unbanned in Modern and Keith has everything you need to know about the powerful midrange finisher !
Get caught up with all the action from our release weekend Rivals of Ixalan Sealed Showdown !
Hop into a Holiday Cube Draft with Fournier !

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