Tuesday, July 17, 2018
See what the metagame looked like at our Sunday 1k Legacy Showdown!
Check out the Top 8 decklists and get caught up on all the action from our first ever FacetoFaceGames.com Open+ event.
Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto's weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week, players battled...
Face to Face Games Toronto has got you covered for next Standard format as these four budget staple-decks will be on sale in store for $40, despite all being at least $60 regular retail. Come get em !
This week Simon's got a full sideboard guide to follow up his U/W Control deck tech. Check it out !
Daniel Fournier has all the secrets on what to do and what not to do when it comes to deck selection.
Get caught up on all the action from Sunday's Face to Face Games Toronto's Modern Sunday Showdown.
Keith talks writing and Magic and tells you what his favourite articles of all-time are.
It’s that time of year again, and Grand Prix Toronto is the next major event on the the horizon. We’re a few weeks out and it’s time to start preparing. This year, we’re going to have a brand new...
Building and properly using your sideboard is undoubtedly one of the most skillful aspects of deckbuilding in Magic. Often, the advantages or disadvantages that are applied after both players get to customize their deck between games are what ultimately...