Wednesday, January 23, 2019
by Sebastien Alarie We recently started the Mana Deprived French movement with the first Mana D French article and here we are with our first French Constructed video set from noted player Sebastien Alarie. In this particular set, you will get a good solid look at the Boros deck in...
Jump into another league with Derek as he tries out Sultai Midrange in new Standard !
Derek's back this week trying out Tyler Schroeder's GP Memphis winning G/R Monsters deck. Come check out what this new beat-down strategy is all about!
Alexander Hayne interviews Doug P on the UGR Destructive Force deck he piloted to a PTQ top 8 this past weekend. This is also the deck that Noah Long chose to bring him to a Canadian Nationals top 8. For the best video quality, select 1080p. Decklist: UGR Titan Force...
by Doug Potter GP Portland is looming, so Doug P decided to play another M11 Sealed Daily event. The first video series received a great response, so we are sure our readers will once again not only have fun critiquing Doug's final build, but also learn a lot about the...
Un Scars of Mirrodin Block 4-Pack Sealed avec Sébastien Alarie.
Travis Sowers is back doing what he does best: crushing Return to Ravnica 8-4s. Does he win this one?
Science Bear, a local production crew featuring Broken City School of Magic players and non-Planeswalkers alike, entered this film into the Edmonton 24 Hour Filmmaking Competition. The mockumentary was written, shot, and chopped in a day. It "stars" Tyler "Celebrity Gunslinger" Fraser, Ian "Recovering Planeswalker" Day, Scott "I Have No...
Travis "Semulin" Sowers is back with another Ixalan draft!
Derek's still jamming a bunch of post-ban Standard to see what works. Jump into a league as he tests a sweet U/B Midrange deck splashing for Vraska!

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