Andy Robdrup from the First Strike podcast plays some War of the Spark Standard with one of the latest MCQ-winning lists!
Jesse Smith (Smi77y) brings us a deck tech on the Simic list he's been climbing the MTGA ladder with. Hall of Famer Martin Juza used the same list to get to Mythic.
Last week, the Eh Team setup their first AMA on Reddit. On Thursday, they answered most of the questions on their Google+ Hangout stream. We have provided both videos for you to watch and a podcast version for you...
http://youtu.be/o0BQaPh_xhkHey everyone!This is my first video in a very very long time. I chose to only show the draft portion of my 8-4, because I generally do not think that the matches themselves are interesting enough to bother recording....
At a PTQ for Nagoya in Edmonton, Doug P decides to take his camera out and ask some of the local players what their thoughts on a few topics were. Features Mana D contributors such as @DougPkr, @shawnoftheshred, @P_MacKinnon, @marcelangelo and @TheDoctorBaker.
In this episode, Jay breaks down his prerelease experience with Rakdos and mentions his love for Cubing. Mike Flores joins the boys to discuss OMG and upcoming Standard.Show Notes The Official Miser's Guide by Mike Flores Mike Flores' Evan Erwin is...
Voici l'article du jour par S├ębastien Alarie sur Tempered Steel, le deck aggro en vogue ce mois-ci sur MTGO.
http://youtu.be/6chIAjdzPSg?hd=1http://youtu.be/pwOrT1swgd8?hd=1http://youtu.be/hZDmTGb648o?hd=1Note: My round 3 opponent offered a split and I took it on the basis of not liking my deck very much.
Travis "Semulin" Sowers gives us our first Ixalan draft!
KYT went 5-2 at the Canadian Magic Tour with a Mono Blue Architect deck. He loved the deck, but decided that it could taken into another direction. Try out his latest list at your next FNM!

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