Sunday, November 18, 2018
Daggr4 makes his drafting debut with an Aether Revolt Intermediate Swiss League.
Adam Yurchick returns for the final installment of his Legacy Goblins series. At some point before Round 4, he finds out he can actually record his voice and we get to hear his sexy voice for the first time albeit alongside his loud music. Rest assured that future productions from...
by Sebastien Alarie We recently started the Mana Deprived French movement with the first Mana D French article and here we are with our first French Constructed video set from noted player Sebastien Alarie. In this particular set, you will get a good solid look at the Boros deck in...
Travis "Semulin" Sowers brings us another exciting Modern Cube draft!
Derek "MisplacedGinger" Pite is back and this time he's forgoing energy decks for a lot of Mountains, jump in the league !
Unlike other sites (with the exception of the obvious big names), we at Mana Deprived are honored to have a well-known pro on our team. Adam Yurchick, a friend of mine for close to 5 years, finally decided to get his hands dirty and provided us with a video of...
Travis "Semulin" Sowers gives us our first Ixalan draft!
Recorded prior to the Pro Tour, the boys give their expectations of the Modern format. Medina and Boosh also praise the new Jace.
Mana Deprived is proud to present Jake Antonetz’s new weekly video podcast, featuring the most recent top decks.
Felix Tse talks about his version of GR Scapeshift at the Toronto Open.