by Sebastien Alarie We recently started the Mana Deprived French movement with the first Mana D French article and here we are with our first French Constructed video set from noted player Sebastien Alarie. In this particular set, you will get a good solid look at the Boros deck in...
With their recent success in drafting, Franky and Vince hit the 8-4 queues for some easy tickets. While their strategy sometimes differ, they still manage to take down the draft, overcoming their own miscues along the way. Hilarious commentary guaranteed.
Three First Strikers went to Grand Prix New Jersey, and one battled all the way to 8th place!
Travis "Semulin" Sowers puts together a UR deck in his latest Amonkhet draft!
Felix Tse talks about his version of GR Scapeshift at the Toronto Open.
Markus Thibeau (Oderus Urungus) reviews games from his PTQ-winning run with Mono Green Tron.
David Savill jumps into a Modern Masters 2017 draft!
In this recorded Google+ Hangout, the Eh Team get hyped up about Return to Ravnica as they discuss not only the prereleases but decks they are looking forward to play in the new Standard. You can find us on Twitter...
Mana Deprived is proud to present Jake Antonetz’s weekly video podcast, featuring the most recent top decks.
Another Sealed for Kenji Egashira as he prepares for GP Montreal.

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