Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Doug P has been taking over the video department for the last little while, so it feels good to be back. I asked my Twitter followers what they wanted to see and they all answered Turboland. Unfortunately, Turboland is not the complete subject of this post. It is about my...
In this recorded Google+ Hangout, the Eh Team get hyped up about Return to Ravnica as they discuss not only the prereleases but decks they are looking forward to play in the new Standard. You can find us on Twitter...
Last Thursday, the Eh Team decided to host their semi-regular Commander Classic. Listen (podcast link available above) or watch (Twitch video available below) Jay, Scott, Medina and Norbert88 (subbing in for KYT) battle it out! Part 3 of 3. Watch...
KYT gets ready for his weekend of Preliminary PTQs by testing out the popular Jeskai Tokens deck!
Doug P puts the constructed decks down to jump in an 8-4 with none other than recent SCG invitational qualifier Tom Ma for a fun filled draft.
KYT went 5-2 at the Canadian Magic Tour with a Mono Blue Architect deck. He loved the deck, but decided that it could taken into another direction. Try out his latest list at your next FNM!
Alexander Hayne coaches KYT as they try out his latest version of Affinity post-Worlds!
Jund takes a lot more skill than people think to pilot and Doug has decided to do a few more videos to display that fact. Just because you have 4 mana does not mean you should be auto-playing a Bloodbraid Elf. Doug P hopes followers of Mana Deprived can appreciate...
If you liked Francis' article yesterday, you are going to LOVE what we have for you today. Our very own, Doug P, has provided us with a video of him drafting GW Auras (pure coincidence). Instead of telling you how far he went in his 8-4 queue, I will leave...
Spencer Howland continues his How to Improve at Magic series. This week, he talks about playing in the right events.

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