Grand Prix Pittsburgh Champion Alex Bianchi returns with Andy Robdrup to bring you Eldrazi Tron vs. Grixis Death's Shadow!
Derek's done with Holiday Cube and is busy practising for GP Toronto. Hop in and check out his Modern League with Grixis Death's Shadow !
In this new video series, get both perspectives from a given matchup! For episode 1, we covered TitanShift vs. Grixis Control!
Hop into a Holiday Cube Draft with Fournier !
Derek is back with another Holiday Vintage Cube draft !
Jump in another Holiday Cube Draft with Derek !
Jump into a draft with Derek as he takes on the Holiday Cube for the first time !
Jump in to another Standard league with Derek Pite. This time he's giving U/W God-Pharaoh's Gift a try !
Derek "MisplacedGinger" Pite is back and this time he's forgoing energy decks for a lot of Mountains, jump in the league !
A lot has happened since Derek's last league with Temur Energy, jump into some Magic Online games with him and see how his Standard testing is going!

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