Voici l'article du jour par Sébastien Alarie sur Tempered Steel, le deck aggro en vogue ce mois-ci sur MTGO.
Dragon's Maze will be out soon. Till then, lets open some Mythic Dragons, shall we?
FlamingSheep walks you through the Duels of the Planswalkers 2014 challenges!
Derek made it all the way to the semifinals of our Modern Open this past weekend with Grixis Death's Shadow. Watch him take his deck on a run through a Modern MTGO league !
Science Bear, a local production crew featuring Broken City School of Magic players and non-Planeswalkers alike, entered this film into the Edmonton 24 Hour Filmmaking Competition. The mockumentary was written, shot, and chopped in a day. It "stars" Tyler "Celebrity Gunslinger" Fraser, Ian "Recovering Planeswalker" Day, Scott "I Have No...
Travis "Semulin" Sowers bringing you another Hour of Devastation booster draft!
Derek, Tom, Archie & Travis finally answer life's burning question... Who will take over the world, robots or monkeys?
Bryan Gottlieb does a Constructed review of all the white cards in Amonkhet!
Travis "Semulin" Sowers gives us more Aether Revolting action!
Derek, Tom, Archie, and Travis sit down for a Khans of Tarkir themed Commander Four Man video, but which Khan will make the worst Star Trek 2 joke?

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