Our beloved draft wizard Travis "Semulin" Sowers battles with a UG deck in his latest Amonkhet draft!
Our first Mana Deprived draft video has been able to garner more comments than expected as debate still rages on as to whether Doug P should have taken the Gelatinous Genesis first pack, first pick or not. Now, here is the video you have all been waiting for. How did...
FlamingSheep battles his way through a Gatecrash 8-4.
Gatecrash is finally here!! Travis Sowers (Semulin) brings you a Gatecrash prerelease draft!
Travis Sowers is back doing what he does best: crushing Return to Ravnica 8-4s. Does he win this one?
Boyks and the crew assemble for a pun filled game of commander!
Cette fois-ci, tout est en 1 vidéo, ça me simplifie la tâche pour les uploader.Round 1 : 0:00 Round 2 : 17:40 Round 3 : 32:35 Résumé/Decklist : 32:50http://youtu.be/ePyTquiXePg
Travis "Semulin" Sowers gives us our first Ixalan draft!
David Savill jumps into a Modern Masters 2017 draft!
Travis Sowers is back with another Return to Ravnica draft. This was recorded prior to his amazing run at Grand Prix Philadelphia.

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