Tom Ma joins Doug P as they tackle an 8-4. Will Doug be trying to go Delver again?
Markus Thibeau (Oderus Urungus) reviews games from his PTQ-winning run with Mono Green Tron.
Deo Arcega talks about his version of Abzan Company at the FaceToFaceGames.com Toronto Open.
Does FlamingSheep have what it takes to Restore Avacyn? Only one way to find out! Watch this 8-4!
Part 3 of our School of Jund series is now available. Watch as Doug P faces down Next Level Bant in the finals of an 8-man queue! Your browser cannot play this video. Learn how to fix this. Link: School of Jund, #3 Download: School of Jund, #3 Until next...
by Doug Potter feat. Tom Ma After successfully finding a full-time job, Doug P returns to bring us some fresh new video content for Mana D. For his first comeback video, he is joined by Tom Ma as the duo attempts to take down an 8-4 SOM draft. You may...
Jump into a draft with Derek as he takes on the Holiday Cube for the first time !
Travis Sowers, our feature drafter, brings us his first Return to Ravnica draft!
MrScottyMac jumps in a queue to battle with an updated list of Chris Andersen's 4-Colour Soul deck!
Travis "Semulin" Sowers puts together a UG Sandwurm Convergence in his latest Hour of Devastation draft!

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