by Kar Yung Tom & Alexander Hayne After quite a long hiatus due to being too busy editing everyone's work, KYT finally returns on Mana Deprived with his own content. Joined by Insayne Hayne, KYT reviews a draft he completed a few days ago where he managed to split in...
Andy Robdrup from the First Strike podcast plays some War of the Spark Standard with one of the latest MCQ-winning lists!
It has almost been exactly 2 months since Mana Deprived first launched and we have not ceased to give you guys, our loyal followers, free top-notch material. It continues today as we give our limited review of M11, Mana Deprived style. Doug P and his best friend Josh have submitted...
What happens when you put 5 draft recorders in the same draft? See Semulin's perspective of this DII draft here!
Time to dive into another Sealed event with Travis Sowers. 3-0? 2-1? 1-2 or bust? Watch and find out!
Join GMac for a Gatecrash Sealed Daily event!
Un Scars of Mirrodin Block 4-Pack Sealed avec S├ębastien Alarie.
In his debut video, Doug P chose a variant of Jund as his weapon of choice. By variant, we mean a version that includes Lotus Cobras, Consuming Vapors and Abyssal Persecutors.
by Sebastien Alarie Mana Deprived is trying to bring everyone up to speed in regards to SOM Block Constructed. Today, Sebastien Alarie returns with a video series on Big Red. He considers it one of the best decks in you can in this format. Introduction Match 1 Match 2, Part...
Our beloved draft wizard Travis "Semulin" Sowers battles with a UG deck in his latest Amonkhet draft!

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