Check out Daggr4 (Vince D'Agostino) in the early stages of figuring the Hour of Devastation format out!
KYT tries out Expensive Sorcery Master Shaheen Soorani's Esper Control list.
GMac tackles an 8-4!
Sébastien Alarie avec son deuxième draft de Return of Ravnica!
http://youtu.be/6chIAjdzPSg?hd=1 http://youtu.be/pwOrT1swgd8?hd=1 http://youtu.be/hZDmTGb648o?hd=1 Note: My round 3 opponent offered a split and I took it on the basis of not liking my deck very much.
Ravnica can be a busy place. Travis heads to Innistrad for a vacation before Dragon's Maze.
Streamer David Savill joins the ManaDeprived.com team with his first Aether Revolt draft video!
Science Bear, a local production crew featuring Broken City School of Magic players and non-Planeswalkers alike, entered this film into the Edmonton 24 Hour Filmmaking Competition. The mockumentary was written, shot, and chopped in a day. It "stars" Tyler "Celebrity Gunslinger" Fraser, Ian "Recovering Planeswalker" Day, Scott "I Have No...
Travis Sowers wanted to be the first to bring you Return to Ravnica video content and he did not disappoint.
Sowers gives Grave Betrayal a try in his latest 8-4 and no, this was not a 7-drop challenge!

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