Un Scars of Mirrodin Block 4-Pack Sealed avec Sébastien Alarie.
by Kar Yung Tom Flores reminded me this week that my most popular content consisted of articles that provided interesting new decklists. Well, I guess it is time to give what the people want! After scouring some Japanese tournament results, I was able to find a Mass Polymorph deck that...
Travis "Semulin" Sowers decides to lock in Hour of Revelation in his latest HOU draft!
KYT tries out Expensive Sorcery Master Shaheen Soorani's Esper Control list.
Jund takes a lot more skill than people think to pilot and Doug has decided to do a few more videos to display that fact. Just because you have 4 mana does not mean you should be auto-playing a Bloodbraid Elf. Doug P hopes followers of Mana Deprived can appreciate...
Derek is back with another Holiday Vintage Cube draft !
Kelly brings us a daily video blog #2 leading up to the Toronto PTQ this Saturday. He has organized some of the biggest tourneys in North American history.
Chris Holley from themtgnoob provides a deck tech on Jund in the Standard environment along with 2-man action from MODO with the deck.
Join Travis Sowers (Semulin) for a Gatecrash 8-4.

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