Robert Anderson is eager to show you his mad Limited skills in his video debut. He starts things off with Return to Ravnica Sealed.
Current MTGO trophy leader misplacedginger makes his debut with his latest 4c Saheeli list!
Travis brings you a Gatecrash Sealed event in preparation for GP Charlotte.
Another Sealed for Kenji Egashira as he prepares for GP Montreal.
Kenji Egashira returns with a draft that features 3 Traitorous Bloods and 2 Demonmail Hauberks. Combo?
Sowers gives Grave Betrayal a try in his latest 8-4 and no, this was not a 7-drop challenge!
Want to see how KYT and Vincent Thibeault look like in person? After taking down 2nd place at Canadian Nationals, KYT decided to do a short interview with VT. If you want to hear Valakut insights straight from the man's mouth, this is your chance! For the best video quality,... Hey everyone! This is my first video in a very very long time. I chose to only show the draft portion of my 8-4, because I generally do not think that the matches themselves are interesting enough to bother recording....
Watch as Semulin learns there's a bit more to Momir Vig than meets the eye... and makes up for it with a few rounds of Modern.
by Kar Yung Tom & Alexander Hayne After quite a long hiatus due to being too busy editing everyone's work, KYT finally returns on Mana Deprived with his own content. Joined by Insayne Hayne, KYT reviews a draft he completed a few days ago where he managed to split in...

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