Travis brings along local limited superstar Mac Lewis for a DII draft while waiting for Gatecrash.
Derek, Tom, Archie & Travis finally answer life's burning question... Who will take over the world, robots or monkeys?
Hey everybody, it is time for some french content! Believe it or not, there is supposed to be french articles on Manadeprived.com. Here's a M13 Draft done with Sam Vaillancourt. Technically, we could do those articles in English, but...
Jump in to another Standard league with Derek Pite. This time he's giving U/W God-Pharaoh's Gift a try !
Derek is back with another Holiday Vintage Cube draft !
After the Khan-mander game, Derek, Tom, Archie and Travis move to decks that are a bit more silly....
Jump into a draft with Derek as he takes on the Holiday Cube for the first time !
How did it feel to be David Caplan at Worlds? Take a look back at his 2nd draft on Day 2!
Derek "MisplacedGinger" Pite is back and this time he's forgoing energy decks for a lot of Mountains, jump in the league !
Travis "Semulin" Sowers is back with another Ixalan draft!

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