Ya Gotta Love a Lava Spike


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KYT, Rob Lombardi, and Vince get paid a visit by the inimitable Michael J Flores, to get his opinions on what decks are best in Modern and Standard as Mike prepares for the SCG Invitational.

  • (00:04:33) Grixis Dragons in Standard – is Gifted Aetherborn better than Glint-Sleeve Siphoner?
  • (00:18:02) Which Modern deck is Mike most likely to play at the SCG Invitational?
  • (00:29:17) What deck does Mike want to play for the Standard portion of the Invitational?
  • (00:35:26) How people lie to themselves when selecting the Perfect Deck.
  • (00:42:35) How should WotC handle social media controversies?
  • (00:50:41) What do Vince and Robert have to say about the issue of bullying in the MtG community?

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