Xantcha, Steal Yo Girl

The boys take a look at a deck built by their friend Aiden in their local meta.

In Phoenix with No Hope: a Players Tour Top 8 tournament report (Day 1)

When I left for Players Tour Phoenix I really had no hope to do well.  It was Wednesday night and I was wavering on what...

Showdown Recap: Is Omar Beldon ever going to lose?

This whole Omar Beldon winning every Showdown thing is getting pretty exhausting. Can someone please beat this guy! We're going to have to put...

Top 8 Magic: Worlds 2020 Vision

BDM and Zvi sit down to talk about the 16 World Championship decklists and who they think will come out on top!

Post-Players Tour Phoenix Show

The crew is back from competing at Players Tour Phoenix and share lessons they have learned.

A Massive Weekend for Pioneer on the F2F Tour

This past weekend we hosted two massive F2F Tour Pioneer events, one in Hamilton and one in Edmonton. Jump in and check out all the action!

Pioneer’s Splinter Twin

Since it's announcement Pioneer has been flooded with wild decks.  It's a new format, why not brew? But all of them have been quickly ousted...

Top 8 Magic: Totally Lost in Phoenix

BDM and Zvi recap Zvi's adventures in Phoenix for the Player's Tour