[Video] Adam Yurchick (Open the Vaults) vs. KYT (Mythic Conscription)


When it comes to providing content for this site, I will try to stray away from the approach that I used on previous blogs.  Instead of writing full-length articles, I will try to make many posts that contain smaller nuggets of information.  The site will be more updated more frequently as a result and the momentum of it all will keep me going.  Today’s post features a video of a game I played against Adam Yurchick.  Articles can only say so much.  Seeing a deck in action can bring greater insights.  I hope you guys enjoy!

Adam Yurchick (Open the Vaults) vs. KYT (Mythic Conscription)

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Link: Adam Yurchick (Open the Vaults) vs. KYT (Mythic Conscription)

Download: Adam Yurchick (Open the Vaults) vs. KYT (Mythic Conscription)

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Late Mono-Red Tech

For what it’s worth, Patrick Chapin stated the following on his Twitter account: “If I played Mono-R tomorrow, I would run 4 Smoldering Spires AND 4 Teetering Peaks…”.  For anyone looking to bring Mono-Red on Saturday, be sure to test the Worldwake comes-into-play-tapped land.

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