SVU Fancast #1

The first episode!

Welcome to SVU Cast, where we celebrate everything about the Heavy Meta community. In this episode we talk beer with Steve (@slickjagger). Steve gives us the run down on what it’s like to be a beer cicerone. We talk craft beer and get some recommendations. After that, we talk with Michael (@gingeritalian) about his love of the SVU, his tattoo and a new addition to his family. Josh (@theproxyguy) also gives us an update on how his proxy community is going, and there is some important homework for the SVU that everyone is going to enjoy!

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Your homework:

  • 1 bottle of Strongbow cider
  • 2 shots of Kraken rum

Mix the two together in a pint glass and enjoy!

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Special thanks to @offensivemtg for working his audio editing magic and to @kytmagic for being awesome.