Sunday, July 5, 2020
Eli Kassis shows 2 early decks to jump into new Standard with.
Eli Kassis looks at the Standard landscape ahead of Players Tour Online 3.
Jonathan Zhang (@finalnub) reviews his play with Wishful Neobrand in a Showcase.
On behalf of, KYT and Jonathan Zhang show off 3 exclusive Core Set 2021 spoilers! Thanks to WOTC for the free preview cards!
In this episode, Brian and Zvi sit down to talk about recent standard bannings, the companion change, the upcoming online Players Tour, and most importantly, Core 2021 spoilers!
Eli discusses Jund Sacrifice in Standard!
Ryan Donkin thinks his Ad Nauseam deck does a very good job at beating Companions. Check it out!
Eli Kassis talks about a Scapeshift list he's been fond of lately for Modern.
Brian and Zvi virtually sit down to talk about the first major Companion bannings in Vintage and Legacy and Zvi's recent approach to the changing Standard metagame.
Eli takes Orzhov Constellation for a spin in Standard!

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