GP Toronto Pick’em

After a brief disappearance, the GP Toronto Pick’em game is back and here to stay. Get inside quickly to choose the 5 players you want on your team before someone swipes the same combination. The Contest Choose 5 Canadian players. They form your team. The goal is to be the…

Mana Deprived T-Shirts

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by Kar Yung Tom

The picture up top is of Doug P because he reps Mana Deprived like nobody else does.  Anyways, people have been asking me where they can get a Mana D t-shirt, so I decided to update everyone on the state of our merchandise.

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MTG Canada is here!

In an effort to push Canadian Magic to its limits, we have decided to open MTG Canada. What is it? MTG Canada is designed to provide all Canadian Magic players (and other visitors alike) a forum to discuss ideas and strategy. The goal is to rebuild Canadian Magic to what…

KYT Returns from Vegas!

I hope Doug P’s Sealed videos has kept everyone happy during my absence. I left for Las Vegas on Tuesday and made my triumphant return last night. It was my second time and already, I am looking forward to planning my third trip there. If you want more details about…