State of Mana Deprived

Mana deprived

by Kar Yung Tom

At Canadian Nationals, Mana Deprived made its presence felt.  Not only were our t-shirts shown on various pictures of the official WOTC coverage, our very own Vincent Thibeault took down 2nd place.  I know it is hard to believe, but we have JUST begun.  In this post, I will be announcing a new member of the Mana Deprived team as well as a new column featuring Doug P.

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Canadian Nationals Update

I first met Vincent at the beginning of February at a 1K Standard tournament during the pre-tourney seatings. We both made top 8 that day and have gone on to become close MTG friends. He finishes today as the lone 7-0 at Canadian Nationals. Is this sick or what? If…

Mana Deprived News – The Future, New Member and T-Shirts


Mana Deprived has been gaining significant exposure over the last week.  A site that used to get 12 unique visitors a day now attracts approximately 300 of them on a daily basis.  Chapin and Flores even referenced us in their latest articles.  With all of that said, I am going to take this opportunity to review the direction of Mana Deprived, introduce our newest team member and display the initial design of the official Mana Deprived t-shirt.

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Mana Deprived Change

It has only been a week, but the response Mana Deprived has received since its creation is making me very optimistic about its potential success.  Nationals Qualifiers took place this weekend and that’s why, unlike other sites, we decided to focus all our energy on Standard.  With GP Washington coming up, the point of focus will remain the same as we try to crack the format that is otherwise known as Type 2.  However, there is a small change that I feel I need to apply to this site.

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