The boys continue the Arc of Commander Rejects!
Alex is battling at Mythic Championship V this weekend! Listen to hear where his head is at regarding Standard.
BDM, Flores, Zvi. Mythic Championship V preview show. All you need to know.
Shaheen Soorani joined the show to chat Standard and to tell us what he thinks the best deck in Modern is. Is it Emry Ascendancy?
Recorded after Alex's Grand Prix Montreal win, the guys talk high level Limited strategy.
Travis & David get serious in this episode. Draft as we know it, may be dying.
Zvi ran a Doom Patrol list to a 12-1 finish in the big Arena Standard preview event over the weekend.
The boys kick off a new Arc! The Arc of Commander Rejects!
On the day of BDM getting to play with Throne of Eldraine cards for the very first time he sat down with Pro Tour champion and Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz to get his first takes on the new Limited format.
Tariq Patel joins the show after 2 top 8s with Legacy Hogaak and the crew discusses what they're going to play at upcoming Modern PTQs.

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