Tuesday, August 11, 2020
The boys are back to say goodbye to the decade in style.
Twas the night before Christmas and in a little cave 4 boys who drink too much were giving you what you crave. It's the 2017 HEAVYMETA Christmas SPECIAL!
After a short break, and not for lack of trying, Heavy Meta returns with schemes a-plenty.
This week the boys get together to go over their experience of Pro Tour Kaladesh and its surprisingly healthy metagame.
Matty Studios has been let out of Tony's Maple Syrup Dungeon just long enough to ham it up a bit during Kaladesh Prerelease.
All hail our new looter scooter overlord. The post rotation meta has hit eject on Chandra and we get a breakdown on what happened to our lady in red.
From the gutters of Ghirapur, Heavy Meta is back again to give you the bum's rush on Kaladesh.
This week on Heavy Meta the cast is joined by Josh Krause to drop some hype on his newest line of Classic Art Tokens on Kickstarter.
So many shiny things! Can your eyes (and wallet) handle it? Well Gumby, Tony and TSG are here to make sense of the glaringly awesome reveal of the Kaladesh Masterpieces.
The boys are back after a week off and the Kaladesh spoilers have been piling up. Luckily Gumby and Curly have returned to help make sense of our new overpowered Planeswalker overlord.

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