Episode 5 – Exploring Scars

image from manadeprived.typepad.com

SCG Financial Guru Jonathan Medina joins the cast once again to discuss some new Scars of Mirrodin cards as they are being spoiled (Koth being one of them). He is then interviewed by Jay Boosh regarding things to watch for on the financial side. Brace yourself for another entertaining listen!

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Episode 4 – Eh Team Speculations


We finally decide our name to be “The Eh? Team” In this week’s episode we are joined by financial guru Kelly Reid @quietspeculation. We discuss what we’ve been playing, the Magic Cruise, Pro Tour Amsterdam, GP Portland, Cheating, and answer your mailbag questions. Big thanks to @mtgcolorpie for our amazing intro and Billy Moreno @Billy_Moreno for our homeless tech intro segment! He’s been more than a cool sport for helping us out. Check out manadeprived.com and 60cards.com daily for current decklists, and articles, videos, and a whole lot more. Thanks for checking us out!

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