Friday, August 7, 2020
Your favourite high level strategy podcast is BACK! KYT and Alexander Hayne finally return!
Alex answers listeners who are asking him what he would do to change up Organized Play.
Relegated to Rivals, what are Alex's plans for 2020?
With lots at stake for Alex at this Mythic Championship, how is he feeling?
Back from the Mythic Championship, Alex and KYT are reunited for another TF2 episode!
Alex is battling at Mythic Championship V this weekend! Listen to hear where his head is at regarding Standard.
Recorded after Alex's Grand Prix Montreal win, the guys talk high level Limited strategy.
Alex and KYT are back for more high-level concepts!
The guys react to the recent OP news, talk Standard and have a discussion on game design.
Is the value of being unpredictable worth playing sub-optimal cards?

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