Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Modern season is a great time to return to Magic... particularly if you love Blood Moon!
KYT recaps his Modern PPTQ experience running the Suicide Zoo list, joined by Doug P to talk about the Pro Tour and his Standard deck preparations for GP Portland.
The Eh Team welcomes Robert Lombardi back to the show, now with a new GP top 8 in Montreal under his belt!
Jay Boosh is back!! Jeremey top 8'd a PPTQ with Modern Dredge! Dredge tech with Felix Tse and Jon Rowe.
KYT & Jeremey enjoy lessons from the Eldritch Moon Prerelease, the EVO Street Fighter Championship, and Pokemon Go.
KYT & Jay are away, so Jeremey & Matt welcome recent Canadian WMCq winner Brian "Bo" Su, and friend of the show Face to Face $5K Open winner Doug Potter.
The Eh Team talk hockey trades, the FaceToFaceGames.com Red Deer Open, and the latest spoilers!
The boys interview Jarvis Yu to talk about his path to clinching Gold this past weekend and Jeremey shares his love for the Judge Tower format.
Matt returns from his WotC Coverage Conference in Seattle, the WMCq & F2F Open in Montreal, and there's a new Emrakul!
The guys welcome James Hsu, author of the book "Magic: The Addiction", to talk the Legacy format, managing expectations, and what he likes in Magic writing.

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