Wednesday, August 12, 2020
With BDM at Pro Tour Born of the Gods, StarCityGames Invitational Top 8 competitors Joshua Ravitz and Thea Steele tag in with Mike for Green, Red, a little Gold, a little Modern talk, and some excellent coffee.
More Born of the Gods. Gold, artifacts, and land.
More Born of the Gods. Blue, and black cards.
Forgive us for the delay. Blizzards, etc. Mike and Brian review the White cards from Born of the Gods.
What trap did @fivewithflores spring on an unsuspecting @top8games?
2+ hours of Born of the Gods chats with your host Brian David-Marshall, Mike Flores, and Steve Sadin.
Also Born of the Gods! Mike and Brian talk about the closing of a New York institution and touch on some of the recent successes (and potential dinner bet liabilities) around the New York Knickerbockers. From Born of the Gods... Nyxborn Shieldmate Oreskos...
Mike and Brian podcast from Uncommons NYC -- a Kickstarter'd LGS -- as Brian waits to Cube draft.
Mike and Brian weather the kold to bring you the last Top 8 Magic of 2013! What are MichaelJ's greatest hits? What do Mike and Brian consider the card of the year (Standard legal cards only)? What deck tickles their fancy beyond...
Brian David-Marshall and Marshall Sutcliffe wander the streets of Seattle, and record a podcast!

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