[Video] Adam Yurchick (Open the Vaults) vs. KYT (Mythic Conscription)


When it comes to providing content for this site, I will try to stray away from the approach that I used on previous blogs.  Instead of writing full-length articles, I will try to make many posts that contain smaller nuggets of information.  The site will be more updated more frequently as a result and the momentum of it all will keep me going.  Today’s post features a video of a game I played against Adam Yurchick.  Articles can only say so much.  Seeing a deck in action can bring greater insights.  I hope you guys enjoy!

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In Flores I Trust – PTQ Top 8 Report

Vincent Thibeault started this site with a bang and I would like to keep things going with a tournament report of my own.  Vincent and I actually played in the same PTQ.  This would be the second time that we would end up finishing in the top 8 together, the first time being a 1K T2 tournament in February that attracted 86 players.  We decided to collaborate shortly after this latest PTQ which explains why we did not play the same deck.  I was testing everything I could in the format, but I was not satisfied with any of them, so I pulled a last-minute audible and ran a deck Michael Flores supplied at the 11th hour of the night before the tourney.

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How to Change a 0/1 Plant into a 15/15 Flying Eldrazi or a PTQ Winner Tournament Report – Part 1

Hi everyone. I’m Vincent Thibeault and this is my first Magic the Gathering tournament report on a website. I played UG Polymorph at the Montreal PTQ for Amsterdam and managed to get the blue envelope. This was one of the first PTQs with Rise of Eldrazi and I was wondering if the reign of Jund would finally be over. Two weeks earlier I wanted to play UW control but after the deck won 3 times at the online PTQ (pre-ROE), it was quickly becoming the most popular deck and the one to beat.  Wall of Omens and Gideon would only make the deck better.  However, I did not want to play something that everyone would be prepared to face, so I needed a deck that could do well against UW Control and Jund.

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