Vengevine Jund with bolov0

[Today, we are pleased to introduce bolov0 to Mana Deprived readers.  Who exactly is bolov0?  As of this writing, bolov0 is currently 8th in the MTGO Player of the Year race.  His most recent achievement was to win the 2nd online PTQ with UW Control.  Other achievements include a Top 32 at Grand Prix Sao Paulo and a Top 16 at Grand Prix Buenos Aires.  In his first article with Mana Deprived, he will discuss his current favorite deck (Jund) and his sideboarding plan.  Enjoy!  –KYT]

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Nationals Qualifier Mock Tourney

Hello multiverse! When KYT asked me to provide a guest post for the start up of his blog, I thought it would be a great way to help out a Twitter-buddy, as well as help his readers be a little more prepared for their upcoming tournaments.

[Video] Adam Yurchick (Open the Vaults) vs. KYT (Mythic Conscription)


When it comes to providing content for this site, I will try to stray away from the approach that I used on previous blogs.  Instead of writing full-length articles, I will try to make many posts that contain smaller nuggets of information.  The site will be more updated more frequently as a result and the momentum of it all will keep me going.  Today’s post features a video of a game I played against Adam Yurchick.  Articles can only say so much.  Seeing a deck in action can bring greater insights.  I hope you guys enjoy!

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In Flores I Trust – PTQ Top 8 Report

Vincent Thibeault started this site with a bang and I would like to keep things going with a tournament report of my own.  Vincent and I actually played in the same PTQ.  This would be the second time that we would end up finishing in the top 8 together, the first time being a 1K T2 tournament in February that attracted 86 players.  We decided to collaborate shortly after this latest PTQ which explains why we did not play the same deck.  I was testing everything I could in the format, but I was not satisfied with any of them, so I pulled a last-minute audible and ran a deck Michael Flores supplied at the 11th hour of the night before the tourney.

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How to Change a 0/1 Plant into a 15/15 Flying Eldrazi or a PTQ Winner Tournament Report – Part 1

Hi everyone. I’m Vincent Thibeault and this is my first Magic the Gathering tournament report on a website. I played UG Polymorph at the Montreal PTQ for Amsterdam and managed to get the blue envelope. This was one of the first PTQs with Rise of Eldrazi and I was wondering if the reign of Jund would finally be over. Two weeks earlier I wanted to play UW control but after the deck won 3 times at the online PTQ (pre-ROE), it was quickly becoming the most popular deck and the one to beat.  Wall of Omens and Gideon would only make the deck better.  However, I did not want to play something that everyone would be prepared to face, so I needed a deck that could do well against UW Control and Jund.

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