[Video] Mythical Testing with Adam Yurchick


Hey everyone, KYT here with a quick last-minute update before the beginning of GP Washington.  My good friend, Adam Yurchick, has been unsure of which deck to play and I offered to playtest with him during the last two nights.  We played a LOT of Magic and most of the matches involved one of us playing Mythic, because, as you all must know by now, I think it is THE deck to beat.  Even after our bloodbath sessions, Yurchy is still undecided as to which 75 cards he will be bringing to the battlefield, which again goes to show how pros do not necessary practice what they preach.  Almost everyone waits for last-minute tech.  Pick a deck a week before a tournament?  Who does that?

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Latest Technology

Mana Deprived started with a bang last week with 6 posts in 5 days.  Unfortunately, do not expect this to be the norm.  As mentioned in the opening post of this site, the aim is to only publish one post per week in an effort to not burn myself out.  With that said, let’s move on to the topic of this article.  GP Washington is coming very soon and the time to make a deck choice for that tourney is narrowing.  Sadly, I have no original Mana Deprived tech to present in this post.  What you will see, however, are a ton of decklists and hopefully, one of them will peak your interest.

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A Mythical Nats Q Tourney Report – 1st

Hi everyone, my name is Tom Cheung and this is my first time writing a tournament report for manadeprived.com. I played Mythic Conscription in the National Qualifier on May 15th and won 1st place. This is my first time winning a National Qualifier.  My last successful finish was when I top 8’d at Regionals with Tooth & Nail back in 2005.

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How to Change a 0/1 Puny Eldrazi Spawn into a Naughty 7/7 Angel Who Just Says No or a Tournament Report and Analysis of UG Polymorph Part 2

Let’s finish what we started. In the previous article I wrote about my tournament experience with the UG polymorph deck. As the deck seems like a potential contender at the National Qualifiers as well as at the Grand Prix in Washington DC, I will share some of my insights and offer different alternative strategies that the deck could adopt. So this article is going to cover such topics as the cards going in the maindeck, what could go in the sideboard, what are the different match-ups and the strategies against them and finally what are the hate cards that could hurt the deck the most. Writing the last section feels a bit like providing other archetypes the weapons to deal with UG polymorph, my pet deck of the moment, but it is none the less necessary, so you can prepare for it. In my conclusion, I will give some general advice about tournament preparation and how I make sure that I can compete to the best of my abilities.

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Vengevine Jund with bolov0

[Today, we are pleased to introduce bolov0 to Mana Deprived readers.  Who exactly is bolov0?  As of this writing, bolov0 is currently 8th in the MTGO Player of the Year race.  His most recent achievement was to win the 2nd online PTQ with UW Control.  Other achievements include a Top 32 at Grand Prix Sao Paulo and a Top 16 at Grand Prix Buenos Aires.  In his first article with Mana Deprived, he will discuss his current favorite deck (Jund) and his sideboarding plan.  Enjoy!  –KYT]

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Nationals Qualifier Mock Tourney

Hello multiverse! When KYT asked me to provide a guest post for the start up of his blog, I thought it would be a great way to help out a Twitter-buddy, as well as help his readers be a little more prepared for their upcoming tournaments.