Durdling Around 112 – Not the Slivers You’re Looking For

9 thoughts on “Durdling Around 112 – Not the Slivers You’re Looking For”

  1. I actually like the new slivers. Makes them look scarier by showing how far their evolution is capable of taking them. I also get a real “predator” vibe from them (the movie).

    ….shouldn’t those other slivers have mutated to “predator form” too?

  2. I really, really don’t get why people hate the new sliver look. I mean, is it really that shocking that they have taken on a humanoid shape? Several past slivers have had attributes that could together result in a humanoid sliver.

    1. Arms: Muscle Sliver, Two-Headed Sliver, Blade Sliver, Homing Sliver, Mesmeric Sliver, and the Sliver Queen all had two arms. The Muscle Sliver even had FINGERS.

    2. Mouth: Both the Clot Sliver and Muscle Sliver and clearly visible mouths, with the Muscle Sliver having teeth.

    3. Legs: While there is no past Sliver that has legs, the Ghostflame Sliver stands upright on its tail/body. Furthermore, the Ghostflame Sliver is described on its card as being on the “cusp of evolution”.

    Also, two more notes.

    1. As far as I can tell from reading about the slivers, none of the planes they have showed up on were their home plane. As such, these new slivers were likely not brought along and were left behind, without a queen. Without a central figure of authority, it is entirely possible that the slivers of Shandalar (The plane that all core sets since Magic 2010 have taken place on) would split up into separate hives, which explains why they don’t share powers with enemies.

    2. Taking the above point into consideration, these slivers have likely had a very long time to grow and adapt, on a plane filled with other humanoids. Is it really any surprise that they would become humanoids themselves?

  3. the initial images of sliver we’ve seen depict the slivers as much less humanoid that are shown here. the change was mostly that they became more like 4 appendaged insectoids rather than serpentine. they’ve still kept the blade-like limbs and shield-like faces except the steelform sliver


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