Durdling Around 185 – Celebrating Steve

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    • During the most recent protour they announced the the financial incentives platinum and hall of fame level pro players receive for attending events would be reduced (quite drastically) in order to make the world magic cup prize pool larger (increasing it by a few hundred thousand over the next few years).

      A lot of people (pros included) didn’t take this news well, as that could make it more expensive for pros to attend events further from home, among other financial concerns as you could imagine.

      And since they announced it mid-protour, the entire focus of the media going in and out of the tournament was about this, and not on someone who won their first protour, as it would be usually.

      Wizards have since gone back on this plan due to the backlash though, at least for the meantime.

      • Thanks for the synopsis! I did a little research and the crux of the issue seems to be the timing over all else…


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