Event Recap

F2F Tour Calgary Weekend 2023 – Event Recap

Over the weekend, 177 determined players clashed at our Regional Championship (Pioneer) in Calgary, vying for the chance to secure coveted spots at the Pro Tour and a coveted seat at Worlds.

Only the top 4 players would earn Pro Tour qualifications while the winner is given a chance to become the next World Champion.

Boston Schatteman wound up emerging victorious with Izzet Phoenix. He is very much known in the community to exclusively play UR strategies and this time, his Steam Vents led him to claim the ultimate prize.

The top 4 included many familiar faces. Liam Kane is a constant presence on the F2F Tour. Derek Pite is a well-known and respected streamer, famous for being a master with the Rakdos colours. And then finally, we have Attila Fur who as an actual Grand Prix Champion.

He told me that he hadn’t played much Pioneer in the last month but he did skim Daniel Goetschel’s Phoenix guide, which really helped optimize his cantrip sequencing and mulligans.

He entered the tournament with the intention of simply enjoying quality time with friends at the RC, and this relaxed mindset enabled him to effortlessly navigate through the competition.

I sent Boston a message and he tells me his win still doesn’t feel real. It’s the biggest achievement of his Magic: The Gathering career and it also happens to be the first time he wins an actual trophy for this game.

He’s been close to winning major tournaments in the past but this time, he converted. Congrats once again, Boston!

Outside of the main event, the place was packed with MTG action at the Big Four Roadhouse. We broke our 1 day Commander pod record – 177 pods fired!

Up next, we are bring the F2F Tour to the Palais des Congrès de Gatineau on October 14th. Compete to qualify for a spot at the Round 5 Regional Championship in February!

We also don’t want to forget that we have one more MASSIVE Tour Weekend in 2023.

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the rest of the 2023 schedule.

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