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F2F Tour Ottawa 2023 – Event Recap

After taking a two-week break post the F2F Tour Weekend in Calgary, the nation’s leading MTG circuit resumed its momentum this past Saturday in Ottawa with a Tour Stop. In the main event, labeled the Modern Super Qualifier, 156 competitors squared off, and the overall unique attendee count was one for the record books.

Rhinos had quite the tournament, landing 4 players piloting it in the top 8, including Mathieu Peterson, one of our co-champions who split with his opponent in the finals.

Co-Champions: Mathieu Peterson and Francis Regimbald

Francis would follow in the footsteps of his brother who won the Ottawa Open in November of 2019. Jean-Francois Regimbald did it with Burn, whereas Francis opted for some Mono-Green Tron action.

He graciously shared his deck selection process with me. Tron is among his favorite archetypes. With the meta focused on outlasting opponents using Beans, he believes it’s perfect to counteract with a Spirit Dragon.

He firmly views Tron as a dominant deck in the current meta, especially as some combo decks like Amulet Titan and Hammer either lag behind or are absent.

For the first time, he experimented with a 15-artifact sideboard for the Great Creator and felt it performed excellently throughout the day. He advises against using Dismember, emphasizing that Warping Wail is the superior card at present.

His final recommendation is to opt for Engineered Explosives over Trinisphere.

Community leader Sebastien Lachance had a great run finishing in 16th with a very cool deck choice. He gave me insight on why he ended up on this specific list.

On Wednesday, renowned streamer Aspiringspike discovered a novel interaction with the new card, Up the Beanstalk from Wilds of Eldraine. Instead of generating two Rhinos, he leveraged Bloodbraid Elf and Shardless Agent to cascade into the Bean.

His performance leading up to Friday was impressive. He extolled Up the Beanstalk, even suggesting it surpassed The One Ring in value.

Sebastien Lachance (16th)

According to Sebastien, the deck is incredibly fun to play, allowing for numerous card draws. After the tournament, he discovered that at least three other players used that version, and all of them received invites!

The F2F Tour has us traveling all the way West for the next Tour Stop in Vancouver. It should prove to be yet another popular event, so make sure to pre-register the events you want to play!

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the upcoming events!

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