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F2F Tour: Ottawa Weekend Recap

This past weekend, we were in the city of Gatineau hosting one of our biggest events of the year – the F2F Tour Ottawa Weekend!

If you have never been to a F2F Tour Weekend, it’s a huge celebration of everything Magic: The Gathering. You not only get to play tournaments, Commander pods, and drafts all-day, but you can meet some of your favourite artists and content creators as well. Hall entry is always free, so never hesitate to check out an F2F Tour event!

That’s a LOT of players!
Jeff Laubenstein – Artist
MTG Muddstah, 8th Place Dave, Purple Rogue Cosplay, Mattcaster Mage – Content Creators

The main event of our Weekend events is the Canadian Regional Championship where only players that have earned an invite can participate.

On the Friday of these Weekends however, we have been hosting a Super Qualifier that gives out 16 invites for people looking for one last chance to get into the RC.

Super Qualifier Top 16

The Canadian Regional Championship ultimately saw over 260 of the best players from the country competing for not only an invite to Pro Tour 2 but a spot at Worlds.

In the end, Philippe Gareau emerged victorious with Mono-White Midrange. You can read more about this specific tournament on magic.gg. Additionally, our friends at MTG Quebec interviewed Philippe to talk about what was, in his words, his greatest Magic accomplishment to date.

Canadian Regional Championship Top 8
Philippe Gareau – Canadian Regional Champion

One of the best stories of the Regional Champioship was an 11 year old boy by the name of Tirion. He moved to Canada from the Philippines back in August. After winning a Qualifier in Toronto, he was in Ottawa piloting Mono-Blue Tempo and looking to become Canada’s Regional Champion. He learned how to play from his dad, who was there supporting him.

Another story was the duo of Marlowe and Anderson. They were Commander Zone experts, playing early in the morning until close while earning themselves a healthy amount of Prize Wall Tickets. You better watch out for these two at a future event!

Our Weekend events feature more than just main event. There’s at least one tournament firing every hour. On Saturday and Sunday, we hosted Open Qualifiers that granted top finishers invites to the next Round of Regional Championships.

Jules Valiquette – Modern Open Qualifier Champion
Sebastian Steffe – Pioneer Open Qualifier Champion
Legacy Showdown Top 8
Ben Langlotz – Legacy Showdown Winner

Ottawa was just a weekend packed with activity! Magic is more popular than ever before and if you want to join in on the fun, be sure to check F2FTour.com to see when we might be visiting a city near you!

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