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F2F Tour – Premier Play Update

Face to Face Games is bringing a fresh look at Premier Play in Canada! We’ve been hearing your feedback, and have implemented a bunch of exciting changes to all levels of Premier Play!

More Pro Tour Invites, Trophies, & Sunday Open!

New updates include:

  • An additional 8 Pro Tour invites for Canada in 2024!
  • The return of trophies at select events!
  • The Sunday Open is back, with cash prizes!

Wizards of the Coast has expanded the Pro Tour invites at each Canadian Regional Championship from 8 per round to 12!

Trophies are back! Expect to see trophies return to the most prestigious events at each of our shows, starting with the April 20th show in Toronto! 

Opens Return! On the Sunday of RC Tour Weekends, we will be hosting Opens, which feature cash prizes and are open to anyone! The format will be the same as the RC format, so bring your A-game.

We’re always listening to your feedback and we want to put on fun and exciting events. Stay tuned for further updates about all sorts of events we have planned!

WPN Partner Incentives

Store programs improved:

  • Reduced Kit prices for stores.
  • Grant Program offers free kits for stores in need.
  • Applications open now!

Your local game store is the backbone of Canadian Magic, and we want to support them! We’ve slashed prices on all WPN Kits making competitive play accessible to all! Reach out to your local store about scheduling a Qualifier today!

The WPN Grant Program is a new initiative to support stores! Stores in rural areas, underserved communities & true innovators will be given free kits to run their events. 

Find more details about the WPN kits and apply here.

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