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F2F Tour Prince George 2023 – Event Recap

This past weekend, we were in the city of Prince George to host another F2F Tour event! 38 players signed up to battle in the main event (our Modern Qualifier+).

Despite Shane taking home the championship, the finals were actually split between him and Gordon Tonner. There is a great story behind this dynamic duo as they are road partners and were both involved with the wrestling business together. Heck, they even have a tag team name coming out of this weekend – Vicious & Delicious.

In the end, Your Very Own Sugar Shane got to claim the trophy and Gordon got to add an oversized Samwise Gamgee to his collection. They are both now priceless mementos of this event.


Taking look at the decks, Shane was piloting Mono-Blue Merfolk and mentioned that he’s the Delicious part of his team because the fish are just so tasty!

Shane told me he had been on Mono Blue Bolts for a while as a way of attacking the metagame. He loved Spreading Seas against greedy mana bases and main deck Chalices were also great for him but the current environment contained a lot of removal for Ragavan and with his deck possessing many 3/1 flyers, the deck seemed poorly positioned on that front.

From this deck, he decided to pivot to Mono-Blue Merfolk in order to be able to keep playing Spreading Seas and Tide Shapers. He also loved the inclusion of Mistcaller to deal with Scam, graveyard interactions and Creativity. It turned out Mistcaller was a good call.

Gordon was the Vicious component of the V & D tag team because he was vicious against fish all tournament, going undefeated against the 3 Merfolk players (Shane, Maxime Odegaard & Brendan Turner – collectively known as the SeaHorsemen of the Apocalpyse) in the top 8.

I wish continued success for these two great friends.

Looking ahead to September, the F2F Tour will be visiting Hamilton and Fredericton to host Tour Stops. Let’s also not forget the Tour Weekend that will be going down in Calgary at the end of that month.

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the upcoming events!

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