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F2F Tour Stop Saskatoon 2024 – Event Recap

Saskatoon’s passion for Magic: The Gathering shone brightly at the latest F2F Tour stop. A close-knit group of 49 players gathered, cards in hand, ready to face off in the Modern Super Qualifier. This gathering highlighted the strong local community and the competitive spirit that keeps the heart of Magic beating in Saskatoon.

Kyle Gellert has solidified his status as a regular achiever on the F2F Tour, securing a win in Saskatoon with Golgari Yawgmoth. His thoughtful play and persistence are evident in his continued strong performances.

Shortly after his win, we spoke with Kyle Gellert to discuss his consistent performance on the F2F Tour, his recent victory with Golgari Yawgmoth, and his insights into the game and personal interests.

KYT: Kyle, congrats on another win. Your form is impeccable. Who’s been part of your practice team lately?

Kyle: I’m currently mostly playing with local players. Prior to this event, leading up to the November Toronto RC, I was playing with Jesse Spears and for this event, I practiced a lot with fellow top 8 competitor Nik Lyons.

KYT: With such a track record, do you have your sights set on Ottawa or Montreal? Any specific Pro Tour goals?

Kyle: I am planning on attending both Ottawa and Montreal. 2023 was my most successful year of Magic; I got to attend my first Pro Tour and top 8’d two RCs, and I think it’s the right decision for me to continue to attend as many high-level events as I can in 2024. I would really like to requalify for the Pro Tour, and this time end it with a good enough record to qualify for the next one.

KYT: BG Yawgmoth has been a strong contender on the F2F Tour. Do you agree with David Rood’s view that it’s underrated in paper?

Kyle: I would agree that the deck is still slightly underrepresented in paper. I think it’s safe to argue that the two best decks in the format are currently Rhinos and Yawgmoth, but looking at the Euro RC metagame breakdown, Yawgmoth trailed Rhinos in representation by ~4%. It might be because Yawgmoth is slightly unfavored against Rhinos, and players didn’t want to play a deck that has an unfavorable win rate vs the most popular deck. It could also be because Yawgmoth’s lines of play are quite unique among Modern decks, and rather than picking up and learning the deck, some players would rather just pack hate cards in the hope of beating it.

KYT: During the tournament, was there a moment that was particularly pivotal for you?

Kyle: Not too sure if this counts, but it was a cool play nonetheless; during my first round – game 3 vs Gavin Bennett, I was able to execute a combo of exiling his Walking Ballista from his graveyard with Agatha’s Soul Cauldron, putting a +1/+1 counter on my Young Wolf, then Chording for Zulaport Cutthroat and winning by my Young Wolf continuously pinging itself and undying for infinite drain.

KYT: When you’re unwinding from MTG, what activities do you enjoy?

Kyle: During my free time when I’m not playing Magic or strategizing about Magic, I’m usually at the gym (I’m there 5 or 6 times a week) or I’m watching a TV show/movie.

The excitement of Magic: The Gathering is not slowing down, with the next stop bringing the competitive spirit to Ottawa. From February 9th to 11th, the F2F Tour is packed with events for all players. Friday kicks off with a Modern LCQ and drafts, while Saturday and Sunday feature the Regional Championship and a variety of challenges across formats. Whether you’re competing or just love the game, be part of the action. Sign up at F2FTour.com and join us for a thrilling weekend of Magic in Ottawa.

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