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F2F Tour Stop Saskatoon – Cycle 3 Recap

The 2023 edition of the F2F Tour started with a full Modern Open and this past weekend’s Tour Stop Saskatoon continued to show that the MTG community is thriving in Canada.

An attendee even suggested it was the best turnout he’s ever seen for an F2F event in Saskatchewan.

The main event Modern Open Qualifier featured 68 players and an opportunity for decks to include Phyrexian: All Will Be One cards for the first time. For the most part though, we didn’t see major changes. 3 Murktide Regent decks even made top 8.

Mohamad Qadi took down the tournament with Amulet Titan. We’ve been seeing a lot of success coming out of the Mohamad Qadi / Joseph Karani braintrust, so these are Canadian names to keep tabs on. In fact, Joseph also top 8ed the event and we’ll be seeing him compete at Pro Tour Philadelphia in not too long.

I have to mention I was told by Ash Loraas on a soon to be released episode of the First Strike podcast that Mohamad planned to try The Mycosynth Gardens in a future tournament but decided to just play the list below for the Modern Open:

There’s been discussion on Twitter as to which tier Amulet Titan falls under. If you have a strong stance on the topic, please leave it in the comments section below. I’d be interested to here it!

Jesse Speers, the previous Saskatoon Open Champion, almost made it 2 for 2. He won with 4c Elementals last time but lost in the finals with Jeskai Breach this time around.

The most interesting list came from Ash Loraas as he really wanted to be first to try out Tyver, Jubilant Brawler with Devoted Druid. He’s a creative deckbuilder that you can reach out to on Twitter (@DreamsofAshiok) and wrote an article on his fun list that you can check out here. I’ve seen a few players mention how much fun they’ve been having experimenting with this concept.

The F2F Tour’s next stop is in Calgary on Saturday, February 18th. Alberta has always been home to some of our most popular events, so I expect this to be another huge one.

It’s never too early to pre-register, so go to F2FTour.com and reserve your spot in an event or Commander Package right now!

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