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F2F Tour Stop Vancouver 2024 – Event Recap

The Magic scene in Vancouver is thriving, as evidenced by the robust turnout at the latest F2F Tour stop. With an impressive 95 contenders battling it out in the Modern Super Qualifier, the event was a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and the community’s dedication.

This bustling atmosphere was captured perfectly in a tweet from the event, showcasing a packed venue filled with eager players.

In the bustling atmosphere of the Super Qualifier, Robert Stach distinguished himself, capturing the championship with a blend of skill and strategy.

Fresh from his victory, we caught up with Stach to uncover the story behind his success. He shared with us the nuances of his Magic journey, the decisions that shaped his winning deck, and his vision for the future in the realm of competitive play.

KYT: Robert, can you share a bit about your background and what brought you to the world of Magic?

Robert: I was born and raised in Edmonton, recently relocated to Victoria. I have played Magic for 12 years, and I have competed in all but one RC up until this point

Sure, I no longer live there, but for scoreboard purposes, I’m dedicating the win as a +1 to the prairies.

KYT: It’s clear you have a strong connection to your community. How has that influenced your play and preparation for tournaments?

Robert: My friends are my biggest support honestly. They are the reason I am here. They are my biggest support, and they are amazing to work and spend time with.

Anything from playing Magic, prepping for tourneys, having discussions on decision making, to spending time with genuinely amazing people. The community of people that surround me is a huge part of why I love the game.

KYT: Moving onto the event, why did you choose to play Rakdos Scam for this tournament?

Robert: I ended up playing Rakdos Scam! Previously, I played Murktide and Grinding Breach Combo. I spent most of my time dedicated to Pioneer, as that was the primary format for RC’s up until this point.

After coming back to Modern, I was uncertain where to start. I just started playing various decks within the format until I found a deck that felt like a good fit, while allowing myself ample time to dedicate learning play patterns and nuances. Of the current state of Modern, I believe you really can’t go wrong with choosing any of the top decks to bring to an event. Just pick what suits your playstyle best!

KYT: Reflecting on the event, would you make any changes to your strategy or deck configuration?

Robert: I am relatively comfortable with the configuration I brought to the Vancouver Open. There will absolutely be some changes as the format progresses over the next few weeks, but realistically, I will likely just be testing a few odd cards alongside tuning the numbers on some of the cards I am currently playing.

KYT: With your recent success, what are your plans for upcoming events like Montreal and Ottawa?

For Montreal, I had already booked flights prior to taking the Open down and obtaining my invite. I will also be playing in Ottawa coming in just a few weeks.

KYT: Your competitive spirit is evident. What drives you in competing at such a high level, and how do you view your journey towards the Pro Tour?

Robert: I love the idea of competing with the best of the best, on a global scale. Qualifying for the Pro Tour has been a goal of mine that I’ve come very close to a few times now. I love the competitive aspect of the game, just as much as I love the time spent collaborating with my friends, and just as much as I love the community.

KYT: Magic is a game of constant learning and improvement. How does this aspect of the game influence your approach and your aspirations?

Part of the draw of the game for me is that there is always room for improvement. There is always something new to learn, always new things to try, and there is always someone who is better than you. To qualify for the PT would be an amazing experience, and would only continue to support the things I love about the game.

As we celebrate Robert Stach’s victory, let’s also acknowledge the skill and determination of the top competitors who made it to the final rounds. Here are the faces of the top 8 contenders who have proven their mettle in a challenging field.

Now, looking ahead, the magic continues in Saskatoon…

Join us this Saturday in Saskatoon for the F2F Tour’s lineup of events. It begins at 10 AM with the intense Modern Super Qualifier. At noon, the Standard Qualifier+ kicks off, followed by the Ravnica Remastered Sealed. The day is full with Ravnica Remastered Drafts and Commander Pods. To participate, register at F2FTour.com.

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