Event Recap

F2F Tour Vancouver 2023 – Event Recap

After a sold-out Tour Stop in Ottawa, it was Vancouver’s turn to host the F2F Tour. 102 competitors squared off in the Modern Super Qualifier main event!

Congratulations to the grand champion, Kevin Kwong, who flew to #1 place with his Golgari Yawgmoth deck!

Sarah England, our runner-up, brought Rakdos Evoke to the Super Qualifier. Her reason for trying out the deck (it was her first time playing it!) came from, in her words, ‘getting scammed in a tournament and thinking about how versatile the deck seemed‘. This choice clearly paid off! She highlighted an interaction between Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer allowing her to cast Curator of Mysteries off of an opponent playing Living End as a high point of her game.

Four-Color Control was a highlighted deck, landing 2 players piloting it in the Top 8. Jonathon Miller, 3rd place winner, graciously took the time to chat with me about his deck. Reminiscent of Ottawa last weekend, Miller emphasized Cascading Beanstalk, a high power level dynamic as an element that attracted him to that deck. With Teferi and the One Ring as other powerhouses, and Force of Vigor as a strong sideboard piece, Miller told us he thoroughly enjoyed his day with his Four-Color Control!

Another list that stood out for this event was a very October-appropriate Bant Spirits, taking pilot Scott Sevier to 7th place!

I spoke to Scott who was surprised his Spirits deck held up in the current meta, even though this is his second Top 8 win in an F2F Tour event with this deck. He highlighted Spell Queller as the MVP of the deck while acknowledging the interaction between Skyclave Apparition and Void Mirror as a matchup savior.

It was overall a very successful day! We even had some special guests tapping into players’ artistic creativity as a fun brain break from Magic! Thank you to everyone who joined us for this fabulous event, and congratulations again to our Top 8 and our champion, Kevin Kwong!

We’re staying out West for our next F2F Tour Stop in Edmonton, Saturday October 28th! It should prove to be yet another popular event, so make sure to pre-register the events you want to play!

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the upcoming events!

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