Face to Face Games Toronto is moving!

Face to Face Games Toronto is moving!

I’ve always dreamed of what a store could be. To me, the most important thing was to build a gaming space that was for everyone. A space more than tables and chairs, more than the best games and good food. It would be a space people could call home. This had been my dream for a long time.

Then, five years ago, out of the blue, Sal, founder of, reached out to me and suggested we open a game store together. helped provide the engine that could make the dream a reality. This was going to be the best way to take the best team in Toronto and collaborate with the best online store in the country and create something amazing.

Stay tuned for even more Magic events at Face to Face Games Toronto in the coming months.

Together, the team here in Toronto — with the support and mentorship of our team at the head office — have built a store that fits that dream and is a space many people call home.

But like any home, it’s not always perfect. As anyone in the shop a few weeks ago during that cold-snap will remember, it’s sometimes a little chilly in here. And if you’ve been to the shop on a hot July evening, you’ll know what I’m lamenting when I talk about having a shop above a pizza oven. And if you’ve ever been turned away from a Saturday afternoon prerelease because we were sold out, you’ll agree that 70 seats just isn’t enough.

Well, soon we will be unveiling a brand new shop. After four and a half years on the second floor of 2077 Danforth, we are proud to unveil our new bigger, better space.

1398 Danforth Ave will be the new home of Face to Face Games Toronto. The new shop will feature:

Ground floor accessibility: I’ll never forget our dear customer who used to call us from her scooter on the street corner of Woodbine and Danforth and ask us to bring her a double scoop of Muskoka Mocha ice cream. I always wanted the shop to be a space for everyone, but when you’re on the second floor, that just isn’t possible. We look forward to serving customers with accessibility needs and stroller folks alike going forward.

Seating for one hundred:  Due to our current space restrictions there just isn’t room in the current shop for new events. Going forward we can finally have space for all our exciting, innovative products and services. We’ve got a ton of great new events and activities coming in 2019. I look forward to having room for all of our wild ideas!

Outstanding Location: The east end has been great to us. Our new home offers good street parking and is still just steps from the Line 2 subway line. Find us just outside Greenwood station, still on the Danforth, just 1200 metres from where we are now.

New digs, new style: With the new shop, we will be transforming our cafe to continue to serve our existing community while adapting and collaborating with the amazing businesses in our new neighborhood. We cannot wait to continue offering amazing food at even better prices. We appreciate your patience as we take the time to get our snack bar right.

Same amazing team: I am proud to say that the best thing about and Face to Face Games Toronto is the people. You can look forward to seeing the same smiling faces at the new shop. In fact, with all this new excitement, we are looking to add to the team. If changing the world through gaming is what inspires you, bring a resume down to the existing store and talk with management, or email and speak to our hiring manager Zach!

At the end of the day, my dream has always been to play host to a gaming community that inspires. I believe that gaming helps people be the best versions of themselves and I hope this new space brings all of us closer together. This new space is going to be a place where the old guard and the next generation help raise the bar for all of us. It will truly be Magic.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, please help by sharing this exciting news with your friends, family and colleagues and by joining our mailing list. There’s exciting free stuff/coupons to come in our digital newsletter as well as important info— like when you can come help us put together IKEA furniture and when moving day will be! We don’t have an exact date yet, but Spring 2019 is the plan!

Myself, my partner Sal and the whole team at wish to thank you for the years of support and patronage. We look forward to serving the community onward into the future!

Kelly Ackerman.

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