Heavy Meta #27 – Cave Crashers

It appears the cave door was left open and people just kept walking in. So much for security. In this episode, Ferret shocks himself about a million times on the electric fence, an Evil Genius starts us off ’til the smoothest man in MtG walks in only to have a Maze Pimp complain about the chicken and grape drink. As if that wasn’t enough, BATMAN scares the shit out of us and a Ruckus listened to the whole show only to tell a city to f*ck off.

Entries So Far
Well, to say we are blown away is an understatement. Keep ’em coming. Have your entry in before Wed May 8th, 9pm EST! AND USE #BoozeCubeContest when you tweet it!

Booze Cube Cards

Booze Cube – You Make the Heavy Meta Maze Runner!

  1. Design a Booze Cube Maze Runner creature card
  2. You can pick any person or host that has appeared on Heavy Meta to design the card around.
  3. Tweet the card to one of us with the hashtag #BoozeCubeContest

We will be judging the submissions on humour and playability in the Booze Cube. You can use booze keywords, but they are not mandatory. You can submit as many cards as you like, but only submit one card per character. So no sending us 100 variants of Kevy the Mind Smasher.

You can use these cool online tools to help you!

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@TheProxyGuy – Official Heavy Meta Premium Token Maker – http://zeerbe.blogspot.ca/
Ron Burgandy Art – http://brandonpikeart.blogspot.ca/2012/04/anchorman-return-of-ron-burgundy.html

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@kytmagic – Batman
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@RealEvilGenius – Jason Clark
@mtgmarcel – Smoothest Whiteman in the World
@Tha_Ruckus – Silent but Deadly