Heavy Meta #29 – Witches Got Sh!t to Say!

We start this episode off with the winners of the Boozecube Contest, a quick MTGO finance report on hot cards, and then start in on the Pro Tour this weekend. The crew then straps on the diving suits and dives deep with the Cardboard Witch into cheating, theft, and how to come back from feeling like the community has lost its way.

And the Winners Are!
And the winners are as follows:

1st Place: Korean Shop Owner
2nd Place: Ferret Zap and Weave
3rd Place: Devil’s Threesome
Honorary: Jack LaCroix (@offensiveMTG)

The winners will receive the card they designed in real from @theProxyGuy (I hope).
The first place winner will get a MTGO Ral Zarek courtesy of @kevyMetal, and the other 3 runner ups will get some store credit courtesy of MTGO Academy!
Hit up @mtgoFerret to claim your prize!

So What Do the Rest of You Win?
Well we know everyone who entered is getting a MTGO Runic Thar! And thanks goes out to MTGO Academy for donating that prize to the contest.

Heavy Meta Tokens

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