Heavy Meta #66 – What an Arthole!

This week the boys dive head first down the art hole with none other than @VorthosMike. Mike explains why artists get paid what they do, how royalties died many years ago, the state of digital art VS traditional, how much an artist gets, how long they have to finish a piece, and if you want to buy a piece it’s probably already sold.

Design yourself into the BOOZECUBE!
We loved the boozecube contest so much we want YOU to be a part of it now. That’s right. We want you to design yourself as a boozecube card! Over the next few weeks we want to see your design for yourself as any type of card you want. Winners of this contest will design a card that really tells the story of who they are and how they want to be scene. Make them funny, make them crazy, we don’t care as long as they are true to you!

This is your chance to be part of the first ever HMSVU Community Expansion set. We are going to be giving away HUGE prizes down to 10th place, so get to work!

How to enter?
For now Tweet or G+ your designs. If people suggest improvements, take them. The goal is to get these cards as perfect as they can be. Mid-March we will be giving notice on Twitter that this is the week for you to submit. But ’til then let’s see what you got!

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