Men from Modo #7 – Aspect of Hydra

KYT, NumotTheNummy, and solebush1 come back yet again to bring you Limited content to prepare you for the upcoming Born of the Gods prereleases. They go over Kenji’s GP Vancouver experience, the BNG prerelease promos, every single BNG green card, and answer questions from the viewers.

Vote! Aspect of Hydra vs. Mortal’s Resolve

The main debate in this one was which green pump spell is superior overall in Limited: [card]Aspect of Hydra[/card] or [card]Mortal’s Resolve[/card]? #TeamSolebush1 chooses [card]Aspect of Hydra[/card] while #TeamNumotTheNummy prefers [card]Mortal’s Resolve[/card]. Tell us in the comments who you think is right!

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