Modern at MagicFest Vegas, Hall of Fame, Compelling Content

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(2:25) Derek won a Modern 3K with Izzet Phoenix. How?
(8:25) Elliot gets help from the First Strike fan base and will be playing Hogaak at MagicFest Vegas.
(15:20) How long can Elliot ditch the Underground Cabal? Does finalnub feel confident heading to Vegas.
(23:45) Vegas food recommendations
(28:25) Discussion on Hall of Fame
(36:25) What’s next for everyone? A First Strike gathering at MagicFest Montreal?
(42:20) How can we all make more compelling Magic content? What are the key ingredients of a good MTG vlog?

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.