This past weekend Eli Kassis piloted Modern Urza Sword to a Top 8 finish at SCG Richmond. Get up to date on his latest version!
After this past Sunday at Face to Face Games Toronto, Drake isn't the only Torontonian that can brag about going back to back. The most dominant team in Showdown series history,  Simon Tubello, Jeff Swaluk and Andrew Gordon claimed...
Jonathan "finalnub" Zhang goes in-depth with part 2 of his all-encompassing primer on Neobrand!
This past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1k Modern Showdown as part of our weekly Showdown series. Jump in and check out all the action!
This past weekend the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled to Moncton, New Brunswick for a Modern Open. Jump in and check out all the action!
Andrew Gordon just played his first Mythic Championship in Barcelona. He's here to tell you the hard lessons he learned.
Grand Prix champ Eli Kassis has THE Izzet Phoenix build for you to conquer the Hogaak menace.
You know Fournier wasn't going to let a Mythic Championship pass without telling you a few of his best stories.
The additions of Modern Horizons and War of the Spark have completely shaken up the Modern format.  Just recently, we saw the banning of Bridge from Below and I fully expect another card to be taken out of the Hogaak...
Are turn 3 kills in Modern far too slow for you, then finalnub has you covered!

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