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Mono-Green Tron Rules Halifax!

What’s the best Modern deck in a world without Violent Outburst? 61 players in Halifax battled over this past weekend to give us clues to the answer.

Early results suggest Mono-Green Tron and Yawgmoth have claims to the throne with 5 copies in the top 8. The breakout deck of last weekend, Goryo’s Vengeance, managed to take his copy of the archetype of a top 4 finish.

Travis gave me a bit of his time to chat with me about Mono-Green Tron’s positioning in the current metagame.

KYT: Travis, what drove your decision to go with Mono Green this time around? Was it the reliability of an old favorite, or was there something more?

Travis: I was actually going to play the new Goryo’s vengeance deck up until mid-Friday. I played 2 league matches and decided the deck was terrible. I had a religious epiphany and Karn, the Great Creator, appeared to me in a vision and guided me back to the path of righteousness.

But yeah, I’ve had a lot of success with Tron in the past and with Rhinos and Living End losing their instant speed pressure, I thought Tron would have a much better matchup spread. Just needed to dodge Scam which I did successfully, and let the Urza lands carry me to victory!

KYT: That’s quite the shift! What specifically about the Goryo’s deck didn’t meet your expectations?

Travis: I definitely didn’t give it much of a chance because the lack of time to get reps, but it definitely felt like you draw a lot of air with the deck. If you’re not casting Goryo’s quickly or scamming with Ephemerate turn 1, you just kinda spin your wheels. Some soft graveyard hate can take it out a lot of the time

KYT: With Mono-Green Tron making a strong showing, do you see it as the new deck to beat?

Travis: I think it’s a player again for sure. The list I played was the Challenge winning list from February 24th so it hasn’t been winning all the time or anything. Tron’s also a deck you can attack if you want to. I just luckily never had to play against any Moons.

But the boogeyman, I would say no. I think Amulet and Yawgmoth are probably the leaders of the pack right now.

The F2F Tour returns this week to the wonderful city of Edmonton! We are also approaching the Montreal Tour Weekend. Be sure to check F2FTour.com frequently for updates as we might be coming to a town near you soon!

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