Pairings, Round #4 – Patrick Chapin

For this round Chris is paired with Hall of Famer and Pro Tour Champion Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin for an amazing hour of conversation.

Topics covered include:

Does champagne taste better out of a big silver trophy?
When did you know you had finally won a Pro Tour?
Can you talk to us about the testing process that lead to your 75?
When can we expect the remix: Elspeth Sun’s Champion, Better Than All?
You’ve had quite the journey, ascent to a rapid fall to big return. What kept you focused?
Last time we spoke you had just missed out on the Hall of Fame. You’d be elected the next year. Is this better?
Next Level Deckbuilding is quite the effort. Would you consider this your magnum opus?
One of the things you are a big proponent of is building Magic culture into more than a game. Where are we on that front, and what else needs to happen?
Will there be another Tha Gatherin album?
How do you feel about the Pro Player Club now? What would you like to change?
Now that you’re Platinum, will we see more of you at GPs?
Are you interested in chasing down Reid for the World Magic Cup captain’s spot?
When will we get to see some of your game design handiwork?

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