Pairings, Round #7 – Ari Lax

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Chris sits down with the newest Pro Tour champion Ari Lax to talk about his deck, his draft strategy, [card]Loathsome Catoblepas[/card], [card]Paralyzing Grasp[/card] and more!

Topics Discussed:

  • Did you sleep with the trophy?
  • You’ve had so many near misses with a PT top 8. When did you know you were in, and what was the feeling like?
  • How did the top 8 feel compared with winning your first GP?
  • When did you realise you had won a Pro Tour?
  • Once you left the venue on Sunday, talk us through what you did. How does a Pro Tour champion celebrate?
  • A lot of people had a lot to say about your excitement and demonstrative nature at certain top decks, notably against Yuuya and Thiago. How do you respond to the criticism?
  • Was the criticism at all to blame for your somewhat muted reaction to winning the final?
  • In general you are talkative and jovial during matches, especially when crushing people with [card]Loathsome Catoblepas[/card]es. How much of that is a mind game and how much is Ari Lax?
  • Your PT team is quite the assortment. How did you come up with the group you have? Do you feel it’s optimal right now?
  • Do you think the tide is turning away from CFB and The Pantheon and to teams like yourselves and Face to Face?
  • You’ve spoken many times about how you came to choose your Standard deck. How hard was Conley lobbying for a brew? What about Wescoe and white weenie?
  • Your draft strategy was pretty spectacular and mirrors my own right now. What do you think is the best archetype and why is it 5c [card]Secret Plans[/card]?
  • What memorable stories do you have from the Pro Tour? Any special plays or games you can share with us?
  • Now you are a Platinum Pro for basically two years, you have a seat at the Players’ Championship, you get a Hall of Fame vote…quite the weekend! Have you thought about what this will mean for you going forward? More GPs, fewer GPs? Full-time Magician?
  • What will you do with all the groupies?
  • Were you really 5 when you started playing Magic? How did you get into it at such an early age?
  • When did competitive Magic start for you?
  • Talk to us about Team Unknown Stars. Who was involved, and have you been tempted to team with them again? What brought you together?
  • Do you think current Magic would benefit from a JSS?
  • Who did you look up to when coming up through the ranks?
  • How’s testing going for PT Fate Reforged?

Special Guest: Ari Lax (@armlx)
Interviewer: Chris Lansdell (@lansdellicious)

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