David & Travis discuss Esper control and blue artifacts in standard, how to practice to improve, and Travis gets a crash course in M20 limited.
David & Travis talk about Esper Control in Standard and why you should be trying out this deck. Then Travis has an assertions : Every game is Candy Land or Chess.
Dave & Travis discuss the latest Arena news and the shape of the new standard environment.
Dave & Travis talk about which cards over and under performed after many rounds of M20 Sealed.
Dave & Travis go over the M20 commons and uncommons you'll want to keep an eye out for in your first M20 limited games.
Dave & Travis discuss the upcoming Mythic Championship III & Do battle in Hyper Bowl III.
There is a lot of negativity in the world of Magic. Always something to complain about. To combat this, Travis & Dave present an episode where they tell you positive MTG stories. From friends made through the game, to encouragement just at the right time. Come enjoy the Feel Good Hit of the Summer.
David & Travis return to the arena to discuss recent news and thoughts on the MPL.
Travis & David have a chat about the state of standard. Travis gets ready for the Mythic Qualifier Weekend, what deck will he bring?
David & Travis enjoy a draft-a-long and chat about cards that were better or worse than they thought in WAR.

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