The Eh Team #128 – Play Like a Master

In this episode, Scotty Mac describes how he did in his Dragon’s Maze release event. And then guess what? Medina reveals he actually drafted! The Eh Team looks at the results and decklists from the Standard and Team Sealed events at the SCG Open in Somerset, New Jersey. The guys dissect Chris VanMeter’s new Behemoth-less Junk Rites deck, the Jund list that Owen Turtenwald piloted to 2nd place, and some of the other new Standard decks that have caught their eyes. KYT talks about narrowing down a deck for a Standard PTQ the coming weekend. Jay brags about his new sweet foily Cube upgrades.

PS: And there’s even a happy ending to Jay’s card order mixup! Jay Boosh would like to give an enthusiastic thanks to Face to Face Games; the day after this podcast was recorded, they fixed the order promptly and perfectly. (Even allowing him to keep the erroneous cards). Now that’s service!

Mike Flores’ Top Decks “First Look into the Maze”
Daily Deck List, Finnish WMCq Winner: WBR Reanimator
Daily Deck List, Mr. Greed

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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