Top 8 Magic: Cycling Through Ikoria Limited with Zvi: Part 3 – Rares and Mythics

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At this point it is widely accepted that Ikoria Limited’s shining star is the cycling deck that features uncommon build-arounds like Flourishing Fox and Valiant Rescuer; super-efficient red removal like Flame Spill and Fire Prophecy; and other key cards like Drannith Stingers and Healers, Ominous Seas, and Zenith Flare. There is a plethora of cheap options all at common or uncommon.

As Brian and Zvi get to the rare and mythic cards in their set review they do so with an eye to how many of the pricey rares rise above the high standards of the pauperific staples of the cycling deck. How many cards in the rare slot would YOU take over a Flourishing Fox? Over a Fire Prophecy or Pacifism? Play along as Magic the Gathering Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz digs into which ones rise above the bar for him.

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Zvi Mowshowitz – @TheZvi

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